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  • The above information shall also be required by any banking institution if the client requests assistance with bank account opening. I declare that:
    1. The information provided herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
    2. I will inform ANAXCo Trust LTD of any changes immediately as they come to my knowledge.
    3. I recognize that ANAXCo Trust LTD has the right from time to time or at any given time, to evaluate, examine or check the information provided here in.
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  • Please enter four names in order of preference. The Registrar of Companies will not accept names that are considered to be misleading, too general, or suggest a royal, national, or international connection.
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  • It is recommended that, where confidentiality/anonymity is of importance, nominee shareholders are used. It should be emphasized that the information regarding beneficial shareholders is disclosed to third parties only in very rare circumstances. Our Company can offer nominee shareholder service.
  • Any person may be appointed as a company director. The names of the directors are filed with the Registrar of Companies and are therefore made public. Where confidentiality is of importance, it is advisable to appoint “nominee” directors. Our company may provide nominee directors who will act upon receiving authorization from the beneficial shareholders.
    Nominee directors are also recommended for purposes of administrative convenience. Most importantly, they are necessary for taxation purposes if it is desired to show that the “management and control” of the company is exercised from Cyprus.
    Other directors may be appointed in addition to nominees. However in order for the “management and control” test to be satisfied the majority of the Board of Directors must be Cypriot residents.
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  • The registered office is the “official” address of the company which has to be located in Cyprus.
  • Registered Office Information

  • In case you already have a registered office, you are required to provide us with the following information.
  • The secretary is the statutory officer of the company which also has to be located in Cyprus. Our company can provide both services.
  • Company or Person for Secretarial Services

  • In case you already have a secretary service, you are required to provide us with the following contact information of the person/company providing such services.


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