Property Revaluation appeal deadline

Property Revaluation appeal deadline

The Department of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus has completed the work for general revaluation of all immovable property with valuation based on estimated value as at 01.01.2013. The project of the General Valuation was completed in less than a year. Due to pressure and haste errors have occurred.

The owners of immovable property can be informed of their property valuation as follows:

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  3. Agree to the Terms of Use
  4. Select area and parcel

Given that the owner of property disagrees with the General Valuation amount, the owner may file an objection to any District Land Office. If the owner fails to file an objection, the estimated value of the property will be considered final and will constitute the basis for calculating the yearly Immovable Property Tax (IPT) for upcoming years.

Each objection must be accompanied by an analytical valuation report carried out by a licensed land valuer. The deadline for receiving objections is 25th April 2015. undertakes professional property valuations at the price: €300.00 – VAT included

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